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Your time and your talent could be of great use to Joy of Jesus. We have numerous opportunities for individuals and groups to do community service projects and/or volunteer as aides or counselors working directly with inner city youth and their families.

Annual Camp Renovation Projects
In preparation for each Residential Camp and Day Camp Season, we will begin clean up and minor renovation projects. We need skilled and unskilled volunteers to help spruce up the camp and Youth Embassy beginning in April of each year.

There will be volunteer work opportunities most Fridays and Saturdays in the months of April and May.

If you, your church or business would like to volunteer on various work projects, as workshop leaders, after school or camp program aides or counselors, please complete the contact form. Please let us know your name, and in the comment section indicate whether you are volunteering for work projects, as workshop leaders, after school or camp program aides or counselors. Also indicate the day(s) you are available. We will contact you to discuss potential projects and make appropriate arrangements.

Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Joy of Jesus! Please provide us with some information so we can add you to our database.

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  Program Interest  
  Select the programs you are interested in volunteering for.
Residential Summer Camp Summer Day Camp
After School Jam Math and Reading Tutoring
Homework Assistance Summer Jobs Program
Thanksgiving Outreach Christmas Outreach
Computer Lab Head Start Program

Days and Hours Available

  Monday from to
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  Other Information*
  List any special skills, interests, or hobbies you have that may be of use in your volunteer work with us.
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I understand that I am volunteering my services to Joy of Jesus. I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Joy of Jesus, its officers, employees, successors, assigns, legal representatives, organizers, sponsors and supervisors of its activities, from any and all claims, causes of actions and liability arising from or in any way connected with my volunteer participation with Joy of Jesus.

I understand that I am expressly assuming all risk, including but not limited to all risk of injury, associated with my volunteer participation at Joy of Jesus or in Joy of Jesus activities conducted off-site.

I, further, grant permission to Joy of Jesus to use, without cost or approval, any photographs, videos, or audios taken of me while I am volunteering in Joy of Jesus activities.



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