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Over the years, Joy of Jesus has provided unique residential summer camp experiences for more than 18,000 Detroit youth (ages 8 to 18), most of whom have come from low-income, single parent households. Camp activities are designed to promote leadership development, ethical behavior, conflict resolution, academic achievement, sportsmanship and discipline while having fun and exploring nature. Camp Jubilee typically offers eight weeklong sessions (four for boys and four for girls). Campers enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, archery, a 25-foot water trampoline, hiking, biking, baseball, soccer and football fields and more.

You can help sponsor a Detroit youth to attend our Residential Summer Camp by providing $125 for each kid you would like to sponsor to camp! Please click here to sponsor a child.

Currently our Camp’s capacity is 80 youth a week, our desire is to upgrade the camp so that weekly service capacity is increased to 200 youth a week. We also desire to see the camp utilized year round, so that it could be available for use by schools, businesses, and churches. Additional upgrades are needed to make this possible. We have a 5-year plan for additional lodging, activity centers and infrastructure changes needed to turn these desires into reality. We need your help to do this. Your time, treasure and talent could be key to turning Camp Jubilee into the oasis for youth and families that we know it can be.

Please contact us for more information on how your time, treasure and talent could be used to upgrade the Camp. Please click here to provide financial support for camp upgrades.

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