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Be a Ministry Partner
Ministry partners provide at least $25 per month to support Joy of Jesus for 12 months. In addition, they pledge to pray at least weekly for the staff of Joy of Jesus and the community they serve. They are asked to pray for favor from God and man, protection, wisdom, and strength. To begin making a difference in the lives of Detroit youth, simply complete and submit our pledge form. Automatic check and credit card payments are available for your convenience.

Ministry updates from those we serve will be provided quarterly via email and at www.joyofjesus.org. As a special thank you, each Ministry Partner will receive a 2005 Ministry Partner t-shirt. With your permission, you or your organization will be listed on our website and literature as Ministry Partners.

Take the Youth Ambassador Challenge
A Youth Ambassador is an individual or group who, after first becoming a Ministry Partner themselves, has met their minimum goal of signing up other Ministry Partners to contribute at least $25 a month for 12 months. The minimum goal for an individual Ambassador is ten Ministry Partners. The minimum goal for group Ambassadors (Businesses, Churches and other Groups) is 25 Ministry Partners.

You or your group will be provided materials to share the mission and vision of Joy of Jesus with potential Ministry Partners. Businesses, clubs, youth groups, choirs, college and career groups, women’s or men’s groups are great groups to take on the Ambassador challenge.

As a special thank you, each Youth Ambassador will receive their choice of a 2005 Youth Ambassador t-shirt or sweatshirt and a gift from our gift catalog. With your permission, you or your organization will be listed on our website and literature as Youth Ambassadors.

Additional Ministry Partnership Levels
For those of you who would like to personally consider or have your business or church consider a more significant commitment and investment in inner-city youth, you may contribute at one of the partnership levels listed on our partnership pledge form. Each donor/investor in youth at or above the Equippers of the Saints Partnership Level will receive two complimentary tickets to play in our Annual Golf Outing with the Michigan Tournament of Champions. Servant Leader Partners will receive four complimentary tickets to the golf outing.

All donors at these additional levels will receive a 2005 t-shirt and sweatshirt and a gift from our gift catalog based on their Partnership Level. With your permission, your name or organization’s name will be listed on our website and literature.

Programs Per Child or Family

  • Thanksgiving Meals: $35/family
  • Christmas Gifts: $40/child
  • Residential Camp: $125/child/week
  • Summer Day Camp: $125/child/week
  • After School Jam: $100/month
  • Real Life Learning Center (Tutoring): $100/month

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You may also mail a donation by check to:

Joy of Jesus
P.O. Box 32211
Detroit, MI 48232

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